Chuck Chiodo

Chuck Chiodo
Uncovering Time-Tested Sales Psychology and Marketing Tactics with Chuck Chiodo

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Welcome to The Entrepreneur Ethos, where we explore the meaningful values, beliefs, and skills that allow entrepreneurs to drive positive change. In this episode, host Jarie Bolander and guest Chuck Chiodo delve into sales psychology insights for business owners and marketers. Together, we discuss timeless principles of persuasion dating back to Aristotle's rhetorical triangle - ethos, pathos, and logos - and why these concepts still very much apply when making an emotional appeal to modern clients.

Chuck shares guidance around addressing client frustrations and keeping core needs central when making a pitch. He provides perspective on virtual marketing collaboratives as safe spaces for entrepreneurs to exchange transparent feedback devoid of traditional sales pressure. The conversation enlightens on the difficulties entrepreneurs face when collaborating within bigger corporate structures. I hope you gain as much value from listening as we did from exchanging in this engaging dialogue that offers invaluable strategies for entrepreneurs navigating today's complex marketing landscape.


00:00 Hiring outside company for marketing failed miserably.

05:14 People struggle to explain their business effectively.

08:22 Challenges with marketing and sales strategies.

12:58 Challenging clients' ideas to gain buy-in.

14:08 Charge for consulting, guide implementing marketing frameworks.

18:06 Phone and social media crucial for sales.

21:25 Building a big brand is challenging for entrepreneurs.

26:44 Teach to build appreciation, offer a strategy.

27:26 Always include a strong call to action.

32:38 Insecure internal marketing needs ally and trust.

36:11 Favorite part is coaching consulting, virtual marketing.

37:08 2-hour entrepreneur-focused session on marketing strategy.

42:26 Data consulting company helps Fortune 100 clients.

46:18 Appreciation for engaging and insightful conversation.

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Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Chuck Chiodo, the following topics were covered:

  • Evolution of Sales and Marketing and Chuck Chiodo's Virtual Marketing Collaborative

- Claude Hopkins' fundamentals and the first AB testing

- Sales psychology principles from 100 years ago

- The genesis of sales persuasion: Aristotle's rhetorical triangle

- Emotional appeal as the first hook in persuasion

- The significance of insecurity and ego in bigger companies

- Making others look like heroes in marketing collaboration

- Marketing as a scientific method: testing hypotheses through experiments

- The purpose of the 2-hour sessions: peer feedback and coaching

- Creating a safe space for entrepreneurs

- Providing value and building relationships without sales pressure

- Emphasizing the importance of collaboration and learning

- Marketing and Sales Strategies, Emotional Connection in Business Interactions, and Marketing Barriers and Approaches

- Utilizing phone and social media marketing

- Online presence and the impact of Google and LinkedIn

- Brand-building and the power of word-of-mouth marketing

- The importance of having credible content available

- Addressing frustrations and concerns of individuals

- Focusing on the customer's needs and solving their problems

- The challenge of convincing clients to adopt marketing strategies

- The significance of lead nurturing and human psychology

-Chuck Chiodo's Consulting Process, Education and Awareness of Trades, Host and Guest Background, and Podcast Format and Closing

- The "digital marketing blueprint" consulting process

- Guiding clients through a survey and questions

- The filtering of potential clients and providing valuable information

- Pricing and service offerings

- The importance of educating people about trade job opportunities

- Advocating for increasing appreciation for trade professions

- Strategies for entrepreneurs to build valuable contacts

- Chuck Chiodo's journey into digital marketing

- Jarie Bolander's background as an engineer turned entrepreneur

- The importance of explaining the '4 pillars' in marketing

- Chuck Chiodo's enjoyment of the podcast format

- Jarie Bolander's appreciation of the conversation and feedback

- Bolander's encouragement for audience engagement and promotion of his book

- Closing remarks and encouragement for improvement

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