Bryan Wish

Bryan Wish
Navigating Entrepreneurship, Personal Branding, and Purpose-Driven Growth with Bryan Wish

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Are you struggling to rise above the noise in a world saturated with content and competition? In this episode of the Entrepreneur Ethos podcast, Jarie Bolander sits with Bryan Wish, the founder of Arcbound, to discuss the critical importance of building a personal brand in today's digital age. Bryan shares his inspiring journey from a young writer to a successful entrepreneur dedicated to helping others tell their stories authentically.

You'll hear about the challenges Bryan faced, including nearly running out of money and learning to listen to his intuition, and how these experiences shaped his approach to personal branding. This episode offers valuable insights into why trust and authenticity are more important than ever, especially for business leaders and entrepreneurs looking to make a meaningful impact.

Tune in to discover actionable advice on developing a brand that resonates, creating impactful content, and navigating the complexities of personal and professional growth. Don't miss Bryan's unique perspective on the future of marketing and how you can stay ahead of the curve. Listen now to learn how to build a brand that stands out and truly connects with your audience.


00:00 | Introduction: The Importance of Trust in Personal Branding

00:48 | Bryan Wish Welcomed to the Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast

01:15 | Unconventional Friendship: How Bryan and Jarie Met

02:29 | The Evolving Role of Founder Brands and Thought Leadership

03:53 | Bryan Wish's Journey: From Early Writing to Founding Arcbound

06:31 | Career Lessons from the Sports Industry

08:11 | Building Wish Dish: A Platform for Authentic Storytelling

10:32 | Key Learnings from Working with an Investment Fund

13:05 | Managing Multiple Vendors in Personal Branding

15:07 | Finding Purpose and Aligning Professional Goals

18:22 | Personal and Professional Development Advice for Young Professionals

21:09 | Curiosity, Empathy, and the Art of Asking Good Questions

23:01 | Jarie Bolander's Journey: Learning to Listen and Ask for Help

25:40 | Bryan Wish's Personal Growth and the Impact of Mentorship

29:40 | Overcoming Financial and Operational Challenges at Arcbound

33:00 | The Importance of Thoughtful Growth in Business

37:04 | Future Goals for Arcbound: Scalable and Efficient Service Infrastructure

39:09 | Disrupting the Speaking and Publishing Industries

42:41 | The Emotional Component of Personal Branding and Client Relationships

44:34 | Conclusion: Building Trust and Authentic Connections in Business

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Bryan Wish, the following topics were covered:

Importance of Trust in Personal Branding

  • Building trust as a cornerstone of successful personal branding
  • The role of authenticity in establishing trust with your audience

Bryan Wish's Entrepreneurial Journey

  • Transition from early writing to founding Arcbound
  • Key career lessons learned from the sports industry
  • The creation and impact of Wish Dish, a storytelling platform

Evolving Role of Founder Brands and Thought Leadership

  • The increasing importance of founder brands in today’s market
  • How thought leadership can elevate personal and business success

Managing Personal Branding Challenges

  • Strategies for managing multiple vendors in personal branding
  • Overcoming financial and operational hurdles in business growth

Personal and Professional Development

  • Advice for young professionals on aligning purpose and professional goals
  • The significance of curiosity, empathy, and asking insightful questions

Impact of Mentorship on Personal Growth

  • Bryan Wish's personal growth through mentorship
  • The benefits of having a mentor and its impact on career development

Future Goals and Industry Disruption

  • Arcbound's vision for scalable and efficient service infrastructure
  • Plans to disrupt the speaking and publishing industries

Emotional Component of Personal Branding

  • Addressing the emotional aspects of personal branding
  • Building long-term client relationships through authenticity

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