Jodi Lasky

Jodi Lasky
In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Jodi Lasky, a self-proclaimed highly functioning introvert and an expert in coaching introverted entrepreneurs and leaders.

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Welcome back to The Entrepreneur Ethos! In this episode, we have the pleasure of welcoming Jodi Lasky, a self-proclaimed highly functioning introvert and an expert in coaching introverted entrepreneurs and leaders. Get ready to gain valuable insights as we explore the dynamics between introverts and extroverts in the business world, the power of frameworks in maximizing productivity, and the importance of building trust in professional relationships. 

We'll also dive deep into Jodi's personal journey as an entrepreneur, from navigating the defense industry to the chaotic world of tech startups. So whether you're an introvert seeking guidance or an extrovert looking to understand your introverted counterparts better, this episode is for you. Stay glued as we unravel the intricacies of introverted entrepreneurship and discover the unique powers introverts bring. Let's dive in!


00:01:19 Entrepreneur turned coach specializing in introverts.

00:03:25 Introverts have hidden powers; cofounders need complementary skills.

00:07:11 Leaders should remember to follow up efficiently.

00:11:01 Dynamics of introverts and extroverts explored.

00:13:07 Entrepreneurs should work at most 40 hours.

00:17:54 Navigating bureaucracy was routine until the tech world.

00:20:59 Understanding and empathizing with job application struggles.

00:23:21 Choose trust or distrust, earning takes time.

00:27:20 Maximize creativity before day job, hate mornings.

00:29:47 Jane died, did a webinar, therapeutic release.

00:34:36 Sent memoir to expert editor, received helpful summary.

00:36:56 Memoir sales uncertain; writing not lucrative.

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Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Jodi Lasky, the following topics were covered:

- Importance of having hobbies for engaging in small talk

- Example of the speaker's hobby, jujitsu

- Distinction between small talk about hobbies and the weather

- Dealing with bureaucracy and games within the defense system

- Different rules and games in the tech world

- Varying timelines in the tech world compared to defense

- Dynamics between introverts and extroverts

- Metaphor of the tortoise and the hare

- Curiosity about using metaphors and frameworks to understand personality types

- Personal identification as a highly functioning introvert

- The speaker's show as practice for talking to people

- Focus on introverted entrepreneurs and founders

- Importance of interacting with others for entrepreneurs

- Personal experience with a difficult job search process

- Recovery from a failed startup

- Prioritization of creative pursuits before the day job

- The speaker's dislike of mornings

- The hidden powers of introverts

- Dynamics between the speaker and extroverted co-founders

- Complementary skill sets in co-founders

- The speaker's role as an accountability and leadership coach

- The agile framework adapted for introverts and extroverts

- Challenges of working excessive hours

- Thoughtfulness in attending events and meetings

- Minimizing unnecessary points of contact

- Gratitude for listeners and encouragement to share the podcast

- Information about the speaker's book and social media

- Invitation to reach out with questions or feedback

- Managerial trust and building rapport

- Challenges for entrepreneurs transitioning to traditional jobs

- Writing challenges with character development

- Speaker's experience as an entrepreneur in defense and tech startups

- Start of coaching career focused on introverts

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