Jason Malki

Jason Malki
Entrepreneurship Unveiled: Sales, Events, and Community Building with Jason Malki

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Welcome to another engaging episode of The Entrepreneur Ethos, the podcast that delves deep into the inspiring stories and effective strategies of distinguished entrepreneurs. Today, our insightful host, Jarie Bolander, engages in an enlightening conversation with the innovative Jason Malki, founder and CEO of the renowned Strtupboost and Superwarm.ai. This episode takes us on a journey through Jason's transformative path from spearheading a start-up sales team to establishing his own thriving agency. The discussion centers on the crucial impact of events and community building as catalysts for business development. 

As we navigate through this episode, we unlock a treasure trove of invaluable insights into sales, marketing, and the essence of the entrepreneurial spirit. Learn firsthand about the significance of fostering a community and mastering the art of sales from someone who's lived it. This episode is an indispensable resource for both budding entrepreneurs and seasoned business veterans, brimming with practical tips and real-life experiences that will both enlighten and inspire your own entrepreneurial path.


00:00 College entrepreneur seeks advice from NYU club.

05:42 Entrepreneur juggles startup, hustle, and perseverance.

08:31 Focus on recurring revenue for business reliability.

11:27 Reconnection with positive feedback and future collaboration.

15:15 Gary's guide helped grow business in NYC.

17:48 NYC sports tech meetup attracts large audience.

19:15 Events growth and sustainability through diversification methods.

22:37 Value in education and events is underrated.

26:34 Luck is result of consistent hard work.

31:12 Transitioning to delegating and streamlining business processes.

33:56 Experience, create, delegate for successful business scaling.

35:18 Busy schedule and work on software startup.

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Jason Malki, the following topics were covered:

Jason Malki's Entrepreneurial Journey

   -Background as the child of entrepreneurs and early exposure to startups

   -Involvement with and eventual founding of NYC Startup Mixers

   -Transition of Startupboost from a meetup to consulting services

   -Balancing day job at startups with building his own business

Strategies for Building Community and Hosting Events

   -Importance of video content for building reputation and rapport

   -Use of free promotional platforms and cross-promotion with other communities

   -Success of events with investors present

   -Value of pitch events and panels

Starting and Growing a Business

   -Importance of recurring revenue for sustainability

   -Use of video content for lead generation and showcasing the community

   -Strategies for hosting events at low or no cost

   -Democratizing event access and ensuring quality for sustained community

Sales and Marketing Skills for Entrepreneurs

   -Founders as the first salespeople in a startup

   -Role of storytelling and understanding objections in sales

   -Embracing failure and learning from experience in sales

   -Significance of consistency in marketing and business

Key Learnings and Insights

   -Prioritizing community building and thoughtful event hosting

   -CEO's initial leadership in sales and gradual delegation

   -Significance of market validation and communication with people

   -Emphasis on continuous learning and improvement

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