Anson Whitmer

Anson Whitmer
Tackling Men's Mental Health and AI Coaching Therapy with Anson Whitmer

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In this raw and eye-opening episode, we go beyond the surface to uncover the often unspoken struggles plaguing the mental health of modern men. Our special guest, Anson Whitmer, brings rare vulnerability as he recounts his personal journey from teenage depression to launching Mental, an innovative app providing tailored solutions for men’s wellbeing.  

Whitmer pulls no punches exposing the tragic impacts of repressive masculine norms as he transparently shares his own painful story of masking inner turmoil. We travel with him to the breaking point where he finally rejects the delusion that seeking help betrays strength.

You’ll discover how societal pressures constrain men’s humanity and leave their cries for relief disregarded. And you’ll learn how Mental flips the script with practical support and guidance attuned to guys just like you. 

Join us for straight talk dismantling barriers that have long blocked men from embracing help. Gain tools to foster life-saving conversations in your own circles. And come away inspired to cultivate communities where men can stand together, authentic and unashamed.


00:00 AI coaching therapy helps men manage stress.

05:14 Meditation has impactful mental health benefits.

07:45 Challenges in mental health for men summarized.

11:13 Men fear therapy reinforcing toxic masculinity, exclusion.

15:19 The interesting camaraderie of military and endurance.

18:10 Men seek paternal support from AI coaches.

22:09 Men often struggle to share personal experiences.

24:03 Fear of vulnerability in men amid changing society.

26:08 Building trust, mental health solutions, step-by-step.

30:55 Mind-body connection affects mental health and stress.

33:19 Therapists focus on lifestyle before delving deep.

38:18 Girlfriends, wisdom, perspective, positivity, and entrepreneurship.

39:00 Recognizing depression is hard, even for successful people.

42:57 Perspective and stress management essential for success.

Key Topics

Male Mentorship and Mental Health

- Importance of male mentorship and accountability for younger men

- Men seeking push to action and problem-solving support in mental health

- The role of a coach in men's lives, highlighted by the impact of Coach Woodall

Mental Health and the Mental App

- Benefits of AI coaching therapy for men

- Impact of stress and depression on business and performance

- Anson Whitmer's personal motivation for mental health involvement

- Creation of the Mental app and challenges in engaging men in mental health initiatives

- The commercialization and success of meditation through Calm

Emotions and Grief

- Men's challenges in sharing emotions due to societal expectations

- Physical aspect of grief and the integration of acute grief, trauma, and sorrow in the body

- Insights on how grief and trauma manifest differently in individuals

Individual Paths and Self-Improvement

- Importance of perfect effort in personal and professional journeys

- The dangers of comparing oneself to others

- Incorporating wisdom into daily life without being overwhelmed

Mental Health and Effectiveness

- Prevalence of depression among men and its manifestation as hidden anger and dangerous coping mechanisms

- Addressing mental health for personal and professional effectiveness and success

- Strategies for handling stress and maintaining perspective

The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast and Conclusion

- Anson Whitmer's 4-day silent meditation retreat experience

- Importance of lifestyle changes and exercise in improving mental health

- The need for different mental health approaches for men and women

- Using humor as a tool to make it easier for men to talk about mental health

- Encouragement for sharing and reviewing the Entrepreneur Ethos podcast

- Contact details and book promotion for interested listeners

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