Alexis Eizinas

Alexis Eizinas
Changing the Narrative of Beauty and Business with Alexis Eizinas

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Have you ever looked around and wondered why some obvious problem or opportunity hasn't been addressed? Why hasn't someone created a product or service to fill that gap? That's exactly the situation Alexis Eizinas found herself in when the COVID-19 pandemic hit. As women around her stopped dyeing their hair due to lockdowns, Alexis noticed many embracing their natural silver and gray hair. But they had questions - what to do about eyebrows, how to prevent yellowing, and more. Despite having over 30 years of experience in the beauty industry, Alexis realized there were no dedicated hair care products for women going gray gracefully. 

From that light bulb moment was born SILVERING, Alexis' company celebrating and amplifying the beauty of silver hair. In this inspiring conversation, Alexis shares her entrepreneurial journey - identifying an unmet consumer need, finding the courage to fill it herself after corporate life, and pushing past pandemic hurdles to get her brand off the ground. You'll hear how sometimes the most innovative ideas come from simply looking around with fresh eyes at the problems we've all learned to live with. Alexis' story showcases the power of challenging assumptions and believing in the authentic beauty of people's natural selves.


00:00 Transitioned to natural hair, encountered challenges.

03:40 Financial and personal freedom, social beauty pressure.

07:32 Innovation: trial, error, and mixing ideas.

12:42 Creative director with industrial design background discusses entrepreneurship.

15:39 Experienced global travel led to successful entrepreneurship.

18:23 COVID accelerated changes, challenged societal beauty norms.

22:25 Women embrace aging, natural silvering hair option.

24:53 Highlighting importance of natural hair care products.

27:29 Men's beauty products reflecting shift in gender norms.

30:44 Strive for compassion, judge by character.

33:21 Ethical, responsible, Canadian beauty brand with environmental focus.

37:24 Creating something unique and sustainable for generations.

40:20 Entrepreneur Ethos podcast: learn, share, connect, improve.

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Alexis Eizinas, the following topics were covered:

Changing the Entrepreneurial Narrative

- Challenging the predominant narrative of greed and unethical business practices

- Emphasizing the importance of finding a better, ethical, and profitable way to meet market needs

- Highlighting the significance of finding a mission that filters all decisions and creates positive change

Entrepreneurial Challenges and Impact

- Balancing the challenges of entrepreneurship with the satisfaction of making a meaningful impact

- Experience and backgrounds preparing individuals for entrepreneurship

- Unique challenges faced during the COVID-19 pandemic and midlife hormonal changes

- Embracing technology, such as Zoom and website platforms, for budget-friendly business development

Women's Silvering Haircare Entrepreneurship

- Addressing the growing market need for hair products for women with silvering hair

- Creating products that work for women embracing silvering hair

- Validating silvering hair as aspirational and chic, challenging societal pressure and workplace expectations

- The societal shift towards embracing natural beauty and changing beauty industry expectations

- Evolution of beauty and aging attitudes among different generations, especially millennial women driving changes

- Identifying a gap in the market and starting a business focused on celebrating and amplifying the beauty of silvering hair

Ethical and Responsible Business Decisions

- Ethical and responsible approach to beauty products

- Maximizing shareholder wealth vs. considering stakeholders and the entire ecosystem in business decisions

- Movement towards inclusivity in the beauty industry, including diversity in models and foundation colors

Design Thinking and Innovation

- The gradual development of ideas through trial and error and mixing different perspectives

- Overlapping disciplines and perspectives for generating new and creative ideas

- Identifying gaps and intersections to drive innovation and creativity

- Design thinking and the importance of understanding the needs of women with silver hair


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