Roger Wakefield

Roger Wakefield
Beyond the College Dream: Discovering the Rewards of a Career in Skilled Trades with Roger Wakefield

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The skilled trades are facing a massive shortage of workers to meet demand. At the same time, digital platforms offer new opportunities for tradespeople to build their brands and recruit more talent. In this timely episode of The Entrepreneur Ethos, hosts Jarie Bolander and Roger Wakefield have an illuminating discussion on how to leverage online media as a tradesperson.

We dive into Roger's fascinating journey from plumbing expert to influential YouTube creator with over 550,000 subscribers. By producing informative and engaging videos, Roger has built a highly loyal audience for his plumbing advice while shining a light on the importance of skilled trades. He provides a blueprint for tradespeople to grow their personal brands digitally. Tune in to learn how Roger took his plumbing business online, keys to creating captivating content, and his empowering mission to inspire the next generation into skilled trades. It’s an essential listen for any aspiring tradesperson or any tradesperson looking to stand out and recruit talent through social media and digital content.


00:29 Excitement for trades, lack of support.

03:18 Unhappy with social media options, plumber discovers YouTube.

07:18 Successful plumbing company outperforms competition in Texas.

10:14 Starting YouTube channel for teaching plumbing; doubted. Importance of know, love, and trust. If searching for slab leak help, find Roger from Texas Green Plumbing.

16:04 Exposing power of entrepreneur life and trade deficits.

19:12 Importance of college degrees questioned; debt concerns.

22:03 Students lack entrepreneurial mindset, favor immediate trades.

26:19 Demand for plumbers is increasing, pay rising.

28:01 Blue collar workers: original thought leaders.

32:06 Phenomenal opportunity for kids in trades.

33:11 Technology in trades is advancing rapidly.

39:29 Discover passion through hands-on vocational training.

42:57 Exposure to trades as a kid matters.

45:20 How can I contribute and what's in it for me?

48:10 Coachability & learning mentality key traits for success.

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Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Roger Wakefield, the following topics were covered:

- Introduction to Roger Wakefield and his YouTube channel

- Importance of being useful and building trust in marketing

- Expansion of Roger's YouTube channel beyond plumbing

- Renaming the YouTube channel to Roger Wakefield

- Discussion on the demand for skilled trades and the need to consider them as career options

- Challenges in finding reliable tradespeople and potential for high pay in the trades industry

- Importance of trades and physical skills in society and the impact of technology on the 


- Concerns about the declining number of tradespeople and the growing population

- Opportunities and benefits of entering the trades, such as being paid to learn and avoiding college debt

- Appreciation for the work entrepreneurs do in creating meaningful work opportunities

- Personal experiences of the hosts working manual labor jobs with their fathers and how it 

motivated them

- Suggestion to send kids to training academies to learn trade skills instead of college

- Proposal for internship or exposure programs in high schools to explore trades and gain hands-on experience

- The honor and skill in the trades industry that should be recognized more

- Introduction to Roger's second YouTube channel called "Trade Talks"

- Interview with an HVAC technician who achieved high income as a tradesman

- Goals of the podcast to recruit, help, and grow tradespeople and businesses

- Critique of the push for college as the road to success and the student debt crisis

- Growing traction of the podcast through social media platforms

- Entrepreneurial opportunities in the trades industry and the need for education and awareness

- Roger Wakefield's background in plumbing and his use of YouTube and social media for business growth

- Benefits of YouTube for local visibility and building domain authority

- Impacts of technology advancements on trades, including AI and robot-assisted technology

- Potential for higher income through skills and entrepreneurship in the trades

- Supply and demand dynamics in trades leading to higher prices and entrepreneurial opportunities

- Encouragement for anyone to become an entrepreneur and create something valuable

- Roger Wakefield's courses on getting into the trades and tips for success in interviews

- Emphasis on professionalism and soft skills for higher earning potential in trades.

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