Nick “The Lamb” Dais

Nick “The Lamb” Dais
Gambling on a Dream with Nick “The Lamb” Dais. Sports Podcasting and Betting on Veterans Minimum.

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Hey everyone. A couple things before we get going.

First, please take the survey to let me know what you think of the show. It’s on the top of the show notes. Second, stay tuned to the end and I’ll give you the actionable insights I learned from this episode.

Now on to my guest today, Nick “the Lamb” Dais, a sports podcaster on the Blue Wire Network.

Nick calls himself “the sports dude” – the one in his friend group who is in the know about sports and who gets asked about sports betting. In 2014, he joined a friend’s podcast and has been doing podcasts ever since while also running the family business. Nick attended college, earning an associate’s in business from Nassau Community College and intending to finish a four-year-degree and become a police officer.  He juggled classes, podcasting, and working the family business in Manhattan, travelling back and forth between Long Island, Queens, and Manhattan multiple times a day on only a few hours of sleep a night. When a friend pointed out that he spent more time and energy on planning podcasts than on his coursework, he realized podcasting was what he really wanted to do. He walked out of class and didn’t look back.

A self-described hustler, Nick teaches himself anything he needs to know through YouTube tutorials and spends any time he’s not working on the family business creating and disseminating content through his podcasts and social media.  On his podcast Veteran’s Minimum, Nick talks about sports and other topics he’s curious about, such as his obsession with the Colombian drug cartel. He has also been featured in a documentary about sports betting on PlayUSA News.

Nick and I also talk about the origins of Blue Wire and how we both met Kevin Jones, CEO of Blue Wire. If you want to know the origins of Blue Wire, this is the episode to listen to.

Now let’s get better together.

Actionable Insights

  • Play to your strengths and learn everything you can. Nick takes his lifelong interest and insight into sports and betting to his content. A better speaker than writer, Nick concentrates on content that is audio and video, funneling any income from podcasting into building his studio.
  • Trust the process. Nick is is a great example of how when you put in the work and stay focused on what you want to do, you’ll eventually find opportunities.
  • Nick and I discussed what it means to have freedom. While some people who are successful have a lot of what they want, one thing they give up is freedom. Enjoy the journey and keep focused on the kind of life you want, rather than the possessions success will bring you.
  • Follow up and be helpful. This is one thing I really like about Nick. He follows up, does what he says, and is super helpful. Being helpful and keeping your word is such an important part of being an entrepreneur.

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