Mike Trigg

Mike Trigg
Strap in for an insightful journey with Mike Trigg, a true Renaissance man who has carved a unique path spanning entrepreneurship, government, investing, and fiction writing.

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Strap in for an insightful journey with Mike Trigg, a true Renaissance man who has carved a unique path spanning entrepreneurship, government, investing, and fiction writing. In this thought-provoking episode, host Jarie Bolander picks Mike's brain on his multifaceted career.

From his early days working on Capitol Hill to diving headfirst into the dotcom boom, Mike offers a veteran's perspective on the roller-coaster startup world and the high-stakes venture capital game. He unveils his criteria for angel investing, emphasizing the importance of simplicity, clear target markets, and strong founding teams.

But Mike's talents extend far beyond the tech realm. As a published novelist, he artfully draws parallels between the creative processes of building a business and crafting fiction - both require turning abstract ideas into tangible realities while incorporating user/reader feedback.

Through his critically-acclaimed book "Burner," Mike uses the power of storytelling to examine thorny societal issues like political tribalism, online extremism, wealth gaps, and the erosion of truth. He delves into these complex themes, providing unique commentary born from his varied life experiences.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, literature lover, or simply someone fascinated by the intersection of technology and social commentary, this conversation is not to be missed. Tune in as Mike Trigg shares his unconventional wisdom acquired on the frontlines of Silicon Valley and the creative writing world.


00:00 Passion for writing led to diverse career.

03:54 Desire to write novel inspired by family.

08:46 Writing quickly sparks creativity and feedback.

12:10 Online savant creates populist movement, meets billionaire's daughter.

16:06 Extreme political polarization is eroding democracy.

19:06 Appreciates flawed protagonists in current political climate.

23:32 College promotes diversity and opposes hate speech.

26:46 Connects with Biden despite differences; emphasizes humanity.

27:56 Media bias, erosion of truth, rise of right-wing media.

32:42 Simplicity and target market are crucial.

37:34 Enjoyed the podcast? Share, review, and connect!

38:26 Seeking input, strive for improvement. Farewell for now.

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Kim Olver, the following topics were covered:

Mike Trigg's Background and Journey

    - Working on Capitol Hill

    - Startups during the dotcom boom  

    - Becoming an author

    - Angel investing

Parallels between Entrepreneurship and Novel Writing

    - Creating something from nothing

    - Getting user/reader feedback

    - Turning ideas into reality

Themes Explored in Mike's Novel "Burner"

     - Political Polarization and Populism

     - Online Extremism and Hate Speech

     - Wealth Disparity and Income Inequality

     - Erosion of Truth and Beliefs

Intellectual Honesty and Diversity of Thought

    - Maintaining diversity of opinions in society

Mike's Approach to Angel Investing

    - Simplicity of Business Idea/Model

    - Clear Target Market and Revenue Path  

    - Investing in People He Knows Personally

Role of Venture Capital

    - Funding and exploring high-risk ideas

Using Fiction to Examine Societal Issues

    - Fiction as a lens 

    - Challenging assumptions

The Writing Process

    - Anxieties around reader reactions

    - Author's experience of publishing

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