Matt Shields

Matt Shields
Matt Shields is a successful entrepreneur with an eclectic background in real estate, electrical contracting, and technology.

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On this episode of The Entrepreneur Ethos, host Jarie Bolander invites guest Matt Shields to discuss the importance of a blue-collar work ethic for success in various fields, including entrepreneurship. Shields shares personal anecdotes that emphasize this point, as well as the need for humility and responsibility in leadership. The discussion also covers the impact of current economic challenges on businesses, the importance of instilling foundational values in oneself, and the benefits of being a servant leader. Throughout the episode, Shields advocates for taking a positive outlook on life, even during difficult times.


00:01:24 Real estate experience since childhood, electrical apprenticeship, technology company, multi-family real estate investment.

00:07:06 Blue collar work ethic drives entrepreneurship success.

00:09:06 "Servant leadership" concept: Lead by serving.

00:14:36 Boss doesn't have to do "drudgery stuff".

00:17:23 Early service jobs build empathy for people.

00:21:10 Businesses impacted, tech disruption minimal, investment opportunities.

00:25:39 Capitalism and democracy are important for human thriving.

00:28:54 Find positives in every situation, avoid negativity.

00:32:16 Loss led to positive changes in life.

00:38:50 Core values as verbs improve collaboration dynamics.

00:44:02 Podcast creator encourages feedback and sharing.

Key Topics

Topics covered in "The Entrepreneur Ethos - Matt Shields" episode:

  • Personal experiences with blue-collar work
  • Impact of economic situation on businesses
  • Entrepreneurship and societal progress
  • Importance of being a humble leader
  • Core values and their importance
  • Speaker's eclectic background and podcast
  • Spreading positivity and creating a ripple effect
  • Benefits of being a servant leader
  • Criticisms of entitlement and lack of work ethic.

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