Kuda Biza

Kuda Biza
“Sometimes You Miss Your Dreams To Pursue Your Destiny”: Kuda Biza Finds Giving Back Is the Key to True Success

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Hey everyone. I wanted to quickly let you know about the release of the audio version of my book, The Entrepreneur Ethos, narrated by David A. Conatser. If you want to support the show, you can buy it wherever audiobooks are sold. Links are also in the show notes.

Now on to my guest today, Kuda Biza, cofounder of Nunbelievable.

Kuda’s story is like something you would see in a movie. Growing up in a lower-middle-class home in Zimbabwe, he soon realized he was better off than a lot of other kids whose parents couldn’t even afford to send them to school. At the age of ten he vowed to some day help those kids. Despite friends and family who told him that his dream of going to college in America was unrealistic, Kuda found a way to not only access what he needed to take the SATs and apply to colleges; he also earned a scholarship to an American college, passing on an offer for a free ride from a university in Zimbabwe.

In college Kuda started a business selling T-shirts and used the profits to help fund kids’ education in developing countries. While his original dream was to be a pilot, he opted to take a job as a business innovator with a Fortune 500 company. There he learned how to build and scale a business. When a former colleague was thinking about starting a business that would give back to help feed the hungry, he immediately thought of Kuda. That business became Nunbelievable,which sells cookies and donates part of the profits to food banks. True to his spirit, when his partners wanted to hunker down and wait out the pandemic, Kuda recognized that they were needed more than ever, and in the last year, the business has grown exponentially. His goal now is to fund 10 million meals over the next three years.

Now let’s get better together.

Actions to Try or Advice to Take

  • Instead of focusing on what you don’t have, focus on being resourceful. Biza found creative ways to ask for what he needed to get him where he wanted to go. Look for opportunities where others see obstacles.
  • Take risks if they might lead you to where you want to go. Biza took a risk turning down an offer from the university in Zimbabwe and kept his hopes up. He also turned down a job as an airline pilot to work for a company that gave him opportunities to grow as a businessman and entrepreneur.
  • Know that it is possible to combine service with business. Consider how you can help to lift up others while also pursuing your dream. Start with one cause, organization, or mission.

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