Krish Ramineni

Krish Ramineni
The Game-Changer with Krish Ramineni and Fireflies AI

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Hey everyone. Stay tuned to the end of the interview where I’ll give you some actionable insights that I learned from my guest. These insights are also in the show notes. As always, thanks for listening.

Now on to my guest for today, Krish Ramineni, CEO and founder of, a tool that takes notes - and more - to help knowledge workers be more productive.

Krish got his start with Microsoft as a product manager after graduating from the University of Pennsylvania. He explains that his primary responsibility was having a lot of meetings. With meetings costing a lot in terms of money and time, Krish wanted to find a way to more easily record what happened during the meetings and be able to easily refer back to the conversations. For people who have 5-7 meetings per day, as much as 50% of the information gained from those meetings is lost.

With the rise of Zoom and virtual meetings during the pandemic, it's no surprise that Fireflies AI took off. But, Krish says, it's actually seeing faster adoption now. The tool accrues value over time, Krish explains, as it builds up information and knowledge that you can go back to to analyze patterns and find key details. Krish is also dedicated to providing transparency with the product, explaining that everyone in the meeting knows the tool is being used. In fact, it is its visibility that has helped make it such a success. Another tool, Ask Fred, takes the usability of Fireflies even further by providing a way to easily search for information from the knowledge base created by Fireflies.

Now, let’s get better together.

Actionable Insights

  • Krish noticed something in how he and others worked that he thought he could improve on. While ultimately the company may branch out, he is currently focused on helping people in similar experiences as himself - the business professional.
  • While Fireflies AI is not the only notetaking AI tool out there, Krish and his cofounder are clearly steered by their  values, which means they provide a transparent solution for business meetings in order to help people be more productive and creative. While Krish also sees opportunities for branching out in order to grow in the future, he is focusing on what they can do right now.
  • The time of simply churning out content is giving way to offering unique content. Krish sees Fireflies and other AI tools help access more unique content to help different brands stand out.

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Summary Take Directly from

  • Krish Ramanini, co-founder and CEO of, talks about how his company is revolutionizing note taking for meetings with AI technology. He discusses the value that this technology brings to knowledge workers, who are often overwhelmed by the number of meetings they attend. He also touches on the importance of giving users control over their data and transparency when it comes to security and compliance issues related to using AI in meetings. Finally, he shares how Fireflies has seen increased adoption since the pandemic began due to its seamless integration into existing workflows.
  • Calendly is a popular scheduling platform that can be seen as intrusive by some people depending on their age and personal preferences. Fireflies AI provides an AI assistant called Ask Fred which can answer questions about meetings, provide summaries, and store tribal knowledge for companies to access. The company has been using Open AI's GPT technology for summarization since last year.
  • Fireflies is an AI-powered note-taking tool that uses a summarization model to generate succinct summaries of meetings. It has recently begun leveraging chat GPT and large language learning models to create Ask Fred, which allows users to have conversations with the system instead of searching through their notes. Fireflies experienced rapid growth in 2020 due to the pandemic and remote work, but the company is looking beyond note-taking capabilities in order for it to become an AI assistant for all workflows. As generative AI grows more popular, content saturation may be an issue; however, unique data sets will remain valuable as they can help companies find their own voice and creativity.
  • In this conversation, the two discussed how AI tools such as Google and Microsoft are changing the way people look in terms of beauty standards, but also how they can use technology to personalize emails and conversations. They touched on Fireflies' Ask Fred tool which allows for recording meetings and summarization. Lastly, they spoke about an upcoming beta program from Fireflies that would allow users to create sound bites from highlights within a meeting or podcast.