Kim Olver

Kim Olver
Kim Olver, founder of Olver International, shares her innovative "Mental Freedom" framework to help entrepreneurs eradicate self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk.

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Do you struggle with imposter syndrome or self-doubt as an entrepreneur? Feel like your success is a fraud? This podcast episode explores how to overcome these mental roadblocks.

Kim Olver, founder of Olver International, shares her innovative "Mental Freedom" framework to help entrepreneurs eradicate self-limiting beliefs and negative self-talk. Learn about the 5 core human needs driving behavior and how understanding your motivations boosts entrepreneurial confidence.

In this insightful discussion, get actionable tips for cultivating a success mindset using self-directed therapy techniques. Discover how taking responsibility for your desires empowers you to stop taking others' actions personally. Find tools for overcoming impostor feelings, self-sabotaging thoughts, and achieving your full potential as a business owner.

Whether just starting your entrepreneurial journey or an accomplished professional, this episode provides strategies for mental freedom, resilience and innovative thinking. Overcome self-doubt and unlock your entrepreneurial self-belief.


00:00 Early passion for counseling leads to frustration.

07:25 Survived hot air balloon accident, learned choice theory.

08:50 Launching mental freedom program for successful professionals.

12:17 Entrepreneurs need specific personality traits for success.

16:29 Seeking self-help through different coaching approaches.

18:19 Empower clients, not create lifelong dependency or victimhood.

23:58 Questioning freedom seekers thrive as joyful entrepreneurs.

24:45 Fulfilling mission, impacting lives, seeking successors.

29:57 Comparing personality tests, exploring their implications for business.

31:12 Multiple personality assessments; lacks 5 basic needs.

36:52 Debate over free will and ethical behavior.

38:29 Responsibility: the ability to respond effectively.

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Kim Olver, the following topics were covered:

The Imposter Syndrome and Self-Doubt Among Entrepreneurs

- Feeling like a fraud despite success

- Questioning self-worth and abilities

- Fear of being exposed as a phony

The Five Basic Human Needs 

- Need for significance/achievement

- Need for connection/relationships

- Need for freedom 

- Need for safety/security

- Need for joy/fun

Understanding Your Core Motivations

- How your highest needs drive behavior

- Balancing conflicting needs

- Entrepreneurship and the need for significance  

Taking Responsibility vs. Blaming Others

- The "response ability" mindset

- Not taking others' actions personally

- Seeing people's true motives clearly

Self-Directed Therapy for Mental Freedom

- A DIY approach to personal growth

- Eradicating self-created misery 

- Not relying on traditional therapy modalities

Cultivating an Entrepreneurial Mindset

- Boosting confidence and self-belief

- Overcoming limiting beliefs 

- Achieving your full potential

Kim Olver's "Mental Freedom" Framework

- Key principles and techniques

- Innovative approach for entrepreneurs

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