Joe Sanok

Joe Sanok
Entrepreneurial Efficiency and Work-Life Balance with Joe Sanok

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Welcome to The Entrepreneur Ethos! In this captivating episode, our host Jarie Bolander sits down with the dynamic entrepreneur and esteemed author, Joe Sanok, for a riveting exploration of the entrepreneurial journey. Joe, with his profound expertise, unfolds the narrative of his journey to establishing a flourishing counseling practice and spearheading a highly acclaimed podcast tailored for counselors in private practice. 

The conversation takes a deep dive into the intricate balance between honing clinical acumen and mastering the business acumen required in the field of therapy. They engage in an enlightening dialogue about the critical role of self-care and achieving a harmonious work-life equilibrium for entrepreneurs. This episode is an illuminating exploration into effective strategies to boost productivity, ignite creativity, and carve out time for essential relaxation. Tune in to this as we navigate the core attributes, values, and competencies that are pivotal in fostering ethical entrepreneurship and cultivating a successful business in the contemporary digital landscape.


00:00 Founder of Practice of the Practice, author.

03:17 Successful entrepreneurial journey from practice to investments.

07:29 Hustle culture leads to less creativity, stress.

10:54 Parkinson's law reveals systems' natural bloating.

14:35 Exploring joy, productivity, and priorities; overcoming challenges.

18:06 Father sets clear boundaries for family time.

22:27 Utilizing neuroscience to optimize productivity and focus.

25:39 Clear workspace, avoid confusion between work areas.

28:02 Therapists struggle with imposter syndrome during education.

33:01 Get feedback on product pricing from group.

33:40 Early opt-in, tech snafus, audience feedback.

37:29 Helping people thrive in businesses they love.

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43:26 Seeking feedback, improve, until we meet again.

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Joe Sanok, the following topics were covered:

Challenges Faced by Therapists and Coaches

  -Imposter syndrome due to extensive education and training

  -Struggles with self-confidence and making money from practice

Determining Value and Pricing for Therapists and Coaches

  -Overcoming money mindset issue to understand value and align pricing with client values

  -Using the "three p process" involving pain, product, and price

  -Offering early opt-ins at discounted price to gauge customer interest

Engaging with Potential Customers

  -Engaging through calls and emails to understand and address disconnect in audience expectations and values

  -Gaining insights into customer engagement, information accuracy, and copywriting effectiveness

Entrepreneurial Journey of Joe Sanok

  -Launching Podcast Launch School to help people start podcasts

  -Shifting to a "done for you" podcast program and adjusting pricing based on customer feedback

  -Providing support services based on audience desires and price point

Work-Life Balance and Time Efficiency

  -Techniques to outsource tasks and evolve positions based on individual preferences

  -"Plus one, minus one" exercise for improving weekends and experimenting with joy

  -Managing work-life balance and time efficiency through small experiments and neuroscience hacks

Impact of Micro Breaks and Environmental Optimization on Focus

  -Study testing impact of micro breaks on vigilance decrement

  -Applying neuroscience to optimize focus through environmental changes and associations

  -Audience considerations in implementing these strategies for counselors and other professionals

Entrepreneurial Insights and Work-Life Balance Challenges

  -Work expanding to time given and focusing on essential tasks

  -Balancing hustle culture with self-care and separation from work

  -Importance of outsourcing to improve productivity, happiness, and energy

  -"Plus 1 minus 1" exercise for preparing for the next week and enhancing self-care

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