An introduction to The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast, hosted by entrepreneur and author Jarie Bolander. Jarie will dig deep into the traits, values, and beliefs that drive entrepreneurs to create an independent life that completes them as well as what all of us can learn from them.

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Welcome to The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast. I’m Jarie Bolander, entrepreneur, author of The Entrepreneur Ethos, and editor-in-chief over at

I like to say that I’m an engineer by training and an entrepreneur by nature since I have been at six startups but I also have 10 patents. So I guess you can say, I like to create stuff.

To make things even more confusing, I run a PR & Marketing company, JSY PR & Marketing, that focuses on startups, nonprofits, and professional athletes. I know, not too focused but there is some method to my madness and one day, I’ll tell y’all why I do, what I do.

This podcast will be a place where we’re going to take a deep dive into the traits, values, and believes our guests have as well as the day to day actions our they take in order to achieve their goals-- both personally and professionally.

We’ll talk to entrepreneurs, creatives, nonprofit professionals, writers, educators, politicians, poets, and so many more. Basically, anyone that can mentor, teach, coach, and/or inspire us to do the day to day blue-collar work required to make progress and build the 21st-century skills required to live a life that completes us. For me, success is all about the hard work you do daily with some luck thrown in.

The guiding principle that I’m going to use for this podcast is the actual The Entrepreneur Ethos, which I came up with while writing the book and is as follows:

In today’s world, there is a rare breed of person who challenges the status quo. This person pursues an idea with zest and fervor that rivals the greatest accomplishments of society. They have grit, tenacity, and confidence that all envy yet few will ever aspire to.

I am that person.

I take calculated risks to seek knowledge and to solve the world’s problems. Through hustle and collaboration, I create something that has never existed before. I have unparalleled creativity, focused resolution, sound reasoning, and an unwavering self-belief in my ideas, even though the odds of success are small.

Failure is an option, but never the end result

I demand integrity from my team and myself, no matter how tough a situation may be. All under my leadership are given equal and unbiased opportunities to succeed. I lead myself and my company so that everyone involved is safe from harassment, bullying, and exploitation. My word is my bond.

Integrity is my middle name

I must always remain nimble and flexible. Markets will change, technologies will shift, and investors may not understand my vision. These challenges do not deter me, because I am self-aware enough to know that I don’t always have all the answers.

Seeking the truth will guide my decisions

I know that each day I must earn the loyalty, respect, and trust of my team and my community. Without them, my vision will never become a reality. Although fame and fortune may come to me, I am not motivated by material things. At times, trying to change the world will be a lonely and difficult endeavor. There are rarely any Eureka Moments. I accept this as part of the life I have chosen. I do what I do to create an independent life that completes me.

The journey is my reward

My goal is to make a positive difference in the world with my ideas and deeds. This is an honor that I take seriously. I will do this with aggressive actions, pure intentions, and a determination to never give up until my vision becomes a reality. When others look to me for guidance, I will step into the void and help make things happen.

Being an entrepreneur is an honor I must earn daily

If you’re interested in the ethos and the internal mindset of successful and emerging people who use entrepreneurial traits, values, and beliefs to build a life that completes them, then this is the podcast for you.

I’m going to talk to all sorts of people, from all walks of life and at all sorts of levels of success. I find that I can learn something from almost anyone and that’s the most exciting thing about doing these interviews -- being surprised at what I find.

My hope is that you’ll join me on this adventure so that we can learn together how to get better at what we want to accomplish. My belief is that if you know something or been through challenging times, you should share it. It’s through this sharing that we learn a lot about ourselves and hopefully can help others not make the same mistakes we made. More importantly, through learning and sharing, we can get a little leg up on being successful and build a better world.

Each episode will have a corresponding page on my blog, that will give you a summary of what I learned from the conversation along with any tips or tools or links that we talked about during the interview.

I’m thrilled to be able to bring you these in-depth interviews and expand the work I did while writing The Entrepreneur Ethos. I interviewed over 50 people for the book and I hope to reproduce the same candor and insights I got through that process. What’s fascinating about the entrepreneurial pursuit is that those same entrepreneurial skills are some of the most important life skills for the 21st century.

The traits, values, believes, and skills that entrepreneurs possess are some of the most applicable to the rapidly changing world we find ourselves in. There is not one person who won’t benefit from what entrepreneurs do every day to buck the status quo and bring to life products and services that might just change the world.

I’m looking forward to getting better with you as we explore the traits, values, believes, and skills required to master the 21st-century skills that entrepreneurs use to create new and existing products and services.

I hope you’ll join me on this adventure.

Actions to Try or Advice to Take

  • Spend 10 minutes a day mediating
  • Have an exercise routine
  • Share your thoughts with others, preferably in person, on a weekly basis
  • Read wide and deep. You can learn a lot from different people and disciplines.

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