Eliran Bar

Eliran Bar
Discovering a New Perspective on Work-Life Balance with Eliran Bar of Jorny

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Welcome back to The Entrepreneur Ethos, the podcast that delves into the minds and experiences of successful entrepreneurs, in today's episode we have a special guest, Eliran Bar, the co-founder of Jorny. Eliran will be sharing his experiences as an entrepreneur and offering valuable insights on finding balance, taking breaks, and staying resilient. In this captivating episode, we dive into how Eliran deals with being overwhelmed, the importance of disconnecting from work, and the power of taking breaks to prevent burnout. 

Eliran also discusses his unique approach to problem-solving, drawing inspiration from endurance athletics. He reminds us of the significance of finding our own "sweet spot" and not succumbing to the pressure of being an entrepreneur. Additionally, Eliran shares his thoughts on criticism, the role of authenticity in marketing, and the challenges of building a business from scratch. Stay tuned to discover Eliran's fascinating journey and gain valuable insights to apply to your own entrepreneurial endeavors.


00:01:29 Unusual person pushes boundaries in life.

00:04:35 "Challenging: Shipping bike to Europe, building company."

00:07:53 Lucky journey inspires starting a company.

00:11:32 Connecting past, travel, and passion in Europe.

00:16:01 Counterintuitive marketing is courageous, not jealousy.

00:19:43 Am I hurt or am I injured?

00:22:33 Relatable experiences, diverse projects, successful fundraising.

00:23:37 Successful fundraising, no intention to quit.

00:30:48 Knowing it's not personal, be dedicated

00:33:48 Finding balance amidst overwhelming work pressures.

00:39:40 Balancing time and effort for success.

00:40:48 Podcast: Learn, share, review; book available. Follow.

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Eliran, the following topics were covered:

- Eliran’s experience of feeling overwhelmed as an entrepreneur

- The importance of taking breaks and finding a balance

- Eliran’s advice on problem-solving and taking time for solutions

- The role of age and endurance athletics in learning about breaks and perspective

- Advice for employees and coworkers on taking breaks and finding solutions

- The importance of balancing time, effort, and thoughts for entrepreneurs

- Details about The Entrepreneur Ethos Podcast and the speaker's book

- Invitation for listeners to share and connect with the speaker

- Reflecting on unique experiences and questioning why they choose entrepreneurship

- The speaker's role in the company Jorny and their focus on helping middle-aged and older generations find purpose

- The speaker's thoughts on criticism and quitting as an entrepreneur

- Personal experiences in different projects and positions

- Commitment and dedication in entrepreneurship

- Importance of understanding the challenges and the rarity of entrepreneurial success

- Analogy of having a spouse and support in an unconventional job choice

- Appreciation for feedback and creating new markets

- The speaker's engagement in extreme activities and being a "professional beginner"

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