Dallen Reber

Dallen Reber
The Power of Journaling: Dallen Reber and Mastering the Self

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Now on to my guest today, Dallen Reber, CEO of Realizations, a company that produces self-mastery journals.

Dallen played baseball in college and became interested in sports science, earning his master’s and working for a research company in Tampa. He soon realized, however, that he wanted more from life. Journaling was the tool he used to gain insight and clarity on moving from figuring out what he wanted to do to figuring out the man he wanted to be.

Inspired by the insights he found in journaling, Dallen developed a journal product using a print-on-demand service, soliciting feedback and learning from customers how to make the product better. When he and his wife realized they were expecting their second child, he decided he needed to be an example for his kids and follow his dreams. He got more serious, revamped his product, put it up for sale on Amazon, and then started his podcast, Realizations: Defining Success Beyond Dollars.

Now let’s get better together.

Actions to Try or Advice to Take

Reber is still early in his entrepreneur journey but some actions he’s taken that keep him moving toward success are:

  • He launched his first product on a small scale and actively solicited feedback. The quality wasn’t perfect, but it helped him understand how to make a better product.
  • He invested in training and mentoring. A class he took taught him how to journal; he also hired a mentor to help him bring his business to the next level.
  • He keeps showing up. As a former athlete, Reber knows just showing up every day no matter what lays the foundation for success.

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