Charlie Meaden

Charlie Meaden
On this episode of The Entrepreneur Ethos, our guest Charlie Meaden shares their insights on various topics ranging from martial arts to AI to entrepreneurship.

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On this episode of The Entrepreneur Ethos, our guest Charlie Meaden shares their insights on various topics ranging from martial arts to AI to entrepreneurship. They draw parallels between the calm and confidence of individuals in wrestling or martial arts after a good performance and the mindset required for entrepreneurship. They emphasize the importance of being hungry, humble, and a team player in the entrepreneurial journey. The guest speaker also discusses the application of generative AI in understanding market dynamics and making better investment decisions, as well as the lessons they learned about leadership and decision-making from esports and gaming. They stress the need to focus on a few defining decisions that can be game-changers and share their experiences in martial arts, highlighting the importance of learning from different disciplines and body types.

Additionally, our guest speaker reflects on the uncertainties of the future and the role of AI in predicting outcomes. They discuss their journey from goldsmithing to technology and their experiences in starting an esports platform. Finally, they talk about their vision to help people become financially literate and make regular contributions through their wealth management platform. Tune in to this episode of The Entrepreneur Ethos for valuable insights and perspectives from our guest.


00:01:50 Goldsmith turned gamer and programmer starts investing platform.

00:07:14 Markets and investing are not linear; financial literacy and generative AI can help understand historical dynamics for trading opportunities.

00:12:09 Advancements in PCB design improve productivity.

00:13:47 AI offers ownership and income uncertainty.

00:18:55 Ethics, optimism, uncertainty in the goldsmithing industry.

00:22:27 Esports and gaming taught me leadership and decision-making. Communication and detachment from outcomes are key. Make the best decision with available information. Avoid decision fatigue by minimizing choices.

00:27:12 Entrepreneurs appreciate Game Theory and learning from losses.

00:29:22 Blue belt in jujitsu, big guy, humbled. Wife died, found purpose in jujitsu.

00:34:27 Learn from different body types in jiu jitsu

00:37:07 Different games, different rules, fascinating martial arts.

00:40:59 Podcast: Learn, share, review, improve, follow, connect.

Key Topics

- The correlation between wrestling/martial arts and entrepreneurship

- Being calm and confident after a good performance

- Constant learning and remaining humble

- Key traits for entrepreneurship

- Being hungry, humble, and a team player

- Importance of helping others in training and not relying solely on physicality

- Linear compounding in investing and its limitations

- Understanding market dynamics and history through financial literacy and generative AI

- Using AI to provide examples from history for trading strategies

- Trade between oil and gold during a recession

- The versatility of generative AI in analyzing complex topics

- Lessons in leadership and decision-making from esports and gaming

- Navigating volatile situations with incomplete information

- Detaching outcomes from decisions and minimizing decision fatigue

- Managing decisions and trades in investing and poker

- Focusing on defining decisions that can be game-changers

- Similarities between martial arts and game theory

- Incorporating different martial arts styles and games

- Optimizing for different rules in different games

- Valuing an open mind and integration of techniques

- Trend of owning less and the concept of owning nothing

- Uncertainty about the future and the need for AI to predict it

- Everyone being a cyborg due to reliance on technology

- Learning from different body types and disciplines

- Investing in different disciplines like learning from different cultures in jujitsu

- Success of smaller fighters against larger opponents in jujitsu

- Risk of injury if smaller fighters don't train wisely

- Example of a world champion who only trains with heavier partners

- Building equity and unemployment in the white-collar profession

- Memo discussing inflation, supply chain issues, automation, and AI

- The potential productivity gains of automation systems and AI

- Impressions from a hardware start-up meetup in San Francisco

- Advancements in web-based PCB design with AI automation

- Speaker's involvement in jujitsu, including training and style

- Finding physicality and anonymity through jujitsu after personal loss

- Importance of rolling in jujitsu

- Speaker's background in goldsmithing and professional esports

- Evolution of their career from goldsmithing to technology and entrepreneurship

- Challenges and pivots in building Uproar, an esports platform

- Reading and developing a mental model for investing in public markets

- Creation of automated investing systems and trading in 2019

- Objective of creating a wealth management platform to help others

- Emphasizing financial literacy and regular investments for retirement

- Providing tools to help users save more, aiming for 27% more wealh

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