Brian Sheng

Brian Sheng
Unraveling Innovation and Investment in Climate Tech with Brian Sheng

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Dive deep into the profound significance of water-related challenges and the monumental impact of water in our everyday lives. Have you found invaluable insights into the art of building a business, attracting investors, and the pivotal role of a deeply personal mission in nurturing successful companies? This is the path Brian Sheng took.

From the realm of software automation to the transformative potential of AI and technology, explore how these groundbreaking innovations are addressing pressing global issues such as the water crisis.

Jarie Bolander sat with Brian Sheng of Aquria and discussed the resurgence of hardware, the transition away from SaaS models, and the burgeoning frontier of renewable infrastructure. Learn from the firsthand experiences, challenges, and triumphs of transitioning from investor to founder, and understand the indispensable role of human engagement in driving impactful, top-tier outcomes.

This episode intricately weaves together personal anecdotes, industry insights, and unwavering optimism for the transformative synergy of technology and human ingenuity. Don't miss out on this captivating episode brimming with actionable wisdom and inspiring narratives that will leave you motivated to break through perceived boundaries and make a meaningful impact. Tune in now on The Entrepreneur Ethos!


00:00 | Transition from Venture Capitalist to Water Harvesting Expert

03:52 | Founding Aquaria During the Pandemic After a Successful Investment

10:10 | Gaining Operational Savvy Before Establishing a Business

11:37 | Operator with Deep Experience in Investing and Startups

15:42 | The Resurgence in Tech Automation and SaaS Solutions

18:02 | Overlooked Water Challenges: Contamination, Drought, and Natural Disasters

21:45 | Diverse Lived Experiences and Challenges from Global Listeners

25:32 | Importance of Venture Outcomes for Entrepreneurs

28:16 | Personal Commitment Needed for Investing in Early-Stage Companies

30:56 | Cannabis Industry: Meeting Medical Needs and Improving Accessibility

34:03 | Learning from Others to Improve and Implement Strategies

37:56 | Success Through Seeking Advice and Taking Initiative

40:40 | Essential Traits for Entrepreneurs: Introspection, Conversation, Conviction, and Confidence

43:08 | Utilizing Phone Notes for Planning and Recording Ideas

48:56 | Enjoyed the Podcast? Share and Connect!

49:47 | Encouragement to Share, Keep Improving, and Stay Motivated

Key Topics

In this episode of "The Entrepreneur Ethos" with guest Brian Sheng, the following topics were covered:

Water Challenges in Southeast Asia and South Asia

- Disproportionate impact of water-related challenges in Southeast Asia and South Asia

- The sensitivity of individuals to daily challenges and the importance of water for life

Building a Business and Types of Investors

- Pathways for building a business and the types of investors they attract

- Emphasis on venture capital and profitable growth for successful companies

Technology Innovation and AI Adoption

- GPT nearing 1-year launch and its adoption outside of Silicon Valley

- Heavy focus on software automation and technology in tech companies

Global Water Crisis

- Significance of the global water crisis, affecting both developed and developing countries

- Various forms of water challenges, including contamination, drought, and natural disasters

- Misconceptions about the water crisis's impact on developed countries like the US and Mexico City

Solutions and Investments in Clean Energy and Water Options

- Need for solutions and investments in clean energy and water options

- Importance of education, awareness, and understanding cultural differences in perceiving global issues

- Shift back towards hardware from SaaS in innovations

- Trends driving innovation, including growing investment in renewable infrastructure

Challenges of Building a Business

- Challenges of transitioning from an investor to a company founder

- Difference between being an investor and an operator, emphasizing the importance of daily operations

Cannabis and Medicinal Solutions

- Early days of building a brand serving medicinal cannabis to patients

- Need for safe and accessible alternative medication for patients

- Personal experience of using cannabis products to aid in leukemia treatment

Potential of AI and Technology in Problem-Solving

- Optimism about the potential of AI and technology in solving problems and enhancing human potential

- Encouragement for entrepreneurs to push past limitations and achieve their goals

Writing Process and Personal Origin Story

- Jarie Bolander's writing process, idea collection, and curation

- Admiration for Jarie's volume of work, including books and blog posts

- Importance of storytelling and being obsessive about crafting narratives for startup founders

Introduction to Aquaria and Climate Tech

- Introduction to Aquaria, a climate tech company focused on atmospheric water generation

- Background of Aquaria's founder and the challenges of raising money for a hardware startup

- Evolving landscape of investing in climate tech and challenges of building and funding a hardware startup

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