Adam Robinson

Adam Robinson
Navigating Startup Hardships: LinkedIn Strategies and Personal Branding with Adam Robinson.

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Adam Robinson, CEO of, shares his compelling journey from a high-pressure career in investment banking to the dynamic world of entrepreneurship. Adam offers a unique perspective on the challenges of making such a significant career shift and provides valuable insights into the lessons learned along the way. He discusses how his background in trading credit default swaps at Lehman Brothers equipped him with the skills and resilience needed to navigate the startup landscape.

Adam delves into the innovative strategies he has employed to build and grow his business, emphasizing the power of leveraging LinkedIn for networking and brand building. He talks about the critical moments that shaped his entrepreneurial journey and the importance of creativity and adaptability in overcoming obstacles. His approach to building a personal brand and establishing a robust online presence offers practical advice for aspiring entrepreneurs looking to make their mark.

The episode also highlights the significance of having a dedicated and motivated team. Adam shares his insights on team building and leadership, discussing how a cohesive team can drive a startup towards success. This episode is a must-listen for anyone looking to understand the intricacies of startup culture and the resilience required to thrive in the entrepreneurial world. Tune in to gain actionable insights and be inspired by Adam Robinson's remarkable story.


00:00 - Work experience feels like a movie scene.

04:57 - Financial success inspires entrepreneurship.

07:30 - Learn skills and observe for success.

12:06 - Challenges and rewards of starting a startup.

14:40 - Successful startup collaborations through experience.

19:09 - Hardships and uncertainties in starting a company.

23:08 - Boosting product success with LinkedIn strategy.

24:02 - Providing scripts and leads, facing mixed reviews.

29:25 - Personal branding and offering free value.

32:19 - Effective onboarding and customer service approach.

Key Topics

  • Movie-like work experience: Discuss how early work experiences felt cinematic.
  • Financial success and entrepreneurship: Unexpected financial gains sparking entrepreneurial ambitions.
  • Skill acquisition and observation: Importance of learning and observing in achieving success.
  • Startup challenges and rewards: Navigating the difficulties and triumphs of launching a startup.
  • Collaborative success in startups: Leveraging experience for successful collaborations.
  • Hardships in founding a company: The difficulties and uncertainties of starting a business.
  • LinkedIn strategy for product success: Utilizing LinkedIn to boost product visibility and success.
  • Mixed reception to scripts and leads: Providing scripts and generating leads amidst varying feedback.
  • Personal branding and free offers: Emphasizing personal branding and the value of offering freebies.
  • Customer service and onboarding: Ensuring effective onboarding and exceptional customer service.

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